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4G/SIM card solar wireless security camera


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4G LTE Security Camera Home House CCTV Spy Wireless Solar Surveillance System Outdoor PTZ SIM Card Batteries

This 4G Solar Security Camera is sure to be a “smart guardian” for your home and business. This wireless security CCTV comes with a 10400MAH rechargeable battery, lasting about 3 to 6 months without solar panel charges. It has the same standard 1080p video as the other

devices to guarantee great visibility. You will be able to move the lens by 355 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically to get more area under surveillance. The large-capacity SD card will record all the data it catches, so you can check the clear pictures and videos at any time. Better still, thanks to the PIR movement sensor, the home surveillance system can detect human motion and send alerts of suspicious activity to your smartphone. In addition, without connecting to WiFi, you can still remotely control the security camera. It also supports two-way audio with a built-in microphone and speaker. Bring it to your home or business now.


Top 5 Benefits and Numerous Superiorities of Choosing a 4G Solar Security Camera:

No Cabling Needed & Money Saving: The 4G solar security camera can get the job done without running the electric cable to the remote area, saving you a lot of money and trouble.

No WiFi Network Needed: One of the greatest things about the 4G solar security camera is that it is independent of a WiFi network and still transmits videos wirelessly.

Sensitive to Motion: Generally, the battery-powered 4G solar security camera has a built-in PIR movement sensor that is highly sensitive to humans and animals by comparing the IR (infrared radiation) level changes, reducing a lot of false alarms by the natural elements.

The 4G solar security camera allows you to have real-time control of it – a big advantage compared with the trail camera. So you can check on the progress of the jobs or what’s going on out there at the moment without going there.

Comes with solar panel

App name – V380 pro

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